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When she's not hiking with her dogs, Barbara loves to read in her armchair at the window, overlooking Lake Cowichan.
 "I like to get a blanket, a pillow and a book, and head out to a shaded spot under a tree," says Samantha. Curled up under the leafy canopy, Samantha circumnavigates around the trunk as the idyllic hours pass, following the path of the sun.
Catherine's favorite time of day is tea time; the time for a good read. She loves the idea of reading by the fire; but in reality, waiting for her daughter's piano lesson is the quietest time to enjoy a good book.
Maureen's favourite spot to read is on an airplane, because that way she can enjoy two adventures at once.
Shirley loves to read in the dappled shade of an overhanging tree on the beach at Maple Bay.  When she's not reading, you'll find Shirley paddling furiously to championship medals with the Gorging Dragons.
 Vivi does an annual summer reading retreat; just her, a tent, a beach and a pile of books.   When she's not reading, you'll find her in her studio painting pictures.

Sonia's ideal reading spot is deep inside a window seat, stretched out languidly in a cloud of cushions. She might actually get some furniture that looks like that.  Lately she's been into memoirs which, she believes, are the best form of self-help.
Growing up, Gordon watched the Wizard of Oz every Christmas. Gardener, beekeeper, "dog freak" and owner of Volume One Bookstore along with his wife Sonia, Gordon's favourite place to read is tucked up in bed.


When her husband and three children are out of the house and her morning run is done, Dana heads to the comfy couch in her living room with a novel, her puppy, chocolate and coffee. Bliss! The manager at Volume One, Dana keeps everything running smoothly and all with a brilliant smile.
Ole has always enjoyed graphic novels as well as Greek and Norse Myths. An avid soccer player, Ole plays for the U21 Cowichan United soccer team. With all that running around, it's understandable that his favourite place to read is anywhere as long as he is prone. 
Anna, a student at Duncan Christian School, is a keen soccer player who also plays volleyball and basketball when she's not drawing or reading. Anna's favourite place to read is in her bed when she's supposed to be sleeping.